Apex Legends Wraith guide – Legend abilities, character hitbox, Wraith tips and tricks


Wraith is considered by many to be the all-round strongest character currently in Apex Legends, and it’s not hard to see why. A high skill ceiling with abilities that can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively; and a hitbox so small you may need a microscope to see it. It’s no wonder the majority of skilled Apex Legends streamers have Wraith as their main Legend of choice.

Our Apex Legends Wraith guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start racking up kills with the Interdimensional Skirmisher that is Wraith. Below you’ll find in-depth tips and explanations on each of her abilities and how best to use and combine them, as well as general and advanced tips and tricks that will help you to start consistently winning matches as Wraith.

Our Apex Legends guide series is packed with both beginner-friendly explanations and advanced, top-tier tips and tricks on perfecting your Apex Legends skills. Whether you want to know about all the other Apex Legends characters or you’re interested in finding out the stats and spray patterns for all the different Apex Legends weapons, we’ve got you covered.

Click on any of the below links to transport yourself (much like Wraith herself) wherever your heart desires. We’ll go over her hitbox compared to other characters, then all of her abilities in turn with specific tips and tricks on each.

Wraith overview – character strengths and weaknesses

Everything about Wraith is designed to make her difficult to pin down and kill. While big beefy Tanks like Gibraltar look to absorb and negate damage, Wraith seeks to avoid it altogether. She is the only Legend with what is essentially a “get out of trouble” button which allos her to avoid damage entirely for a short time as she repositions herself elsewhere.

Add to this her small hitbox and her Passive ability, which alerts her when she is being watched by an enemy, and you’ve got a Legend who is very skilled at being in the right place at the right time.

Wraith is more or less the only character in Apex Legends’ current state where you have to really dig deep to find any sort of weakness in her character. All her abilities synergise extremely well, and she is excellent on her own but also plays an important role for the whole team.

The one weakness that I’ve been able to find is that Wraith players tend to rely heavily on her Tactical “phase” ability to get out of bad spots, so if you catch her while that ability is on cooldown, then Wraith players are generally a little more panicked than with other characters because they have lost the safety net upon which they so often rely.

Seriously though, Wraith is great. Let’s explore a little further into why she is so dominant at the moment in Apex Legends.

Click the above image to view it at highest resolution.

Wraith hitbox vs other Legends

The above is a composite of various hitbox images created by YouTuber “SookieSpy”, which bring to light the incredible discrepancies in character hitboxes in Apex Legends.

As you can see, Wraith’s hitbox is by far the smallest, not just due to her stature but also her relatively hunched posture. Looking at the above image, it seems as though she occupies only about half the space that Gibraltar does. So even without her myriad escape-focused abilities, Wraith is the mosts difficult Legend to shoot in the game.

Wraith abilities

Like all other Legends, Wraith has three abilities: a Passive, which is something that you benefit from automatically; a Tactical, which you must activate between cooldowns; and an Ultimate, which can only be used once it reaches 100% charge, which it gradually accrues over time (though you can speed up this process by consuming Ultimate Accelerants – see our Apex Legends healing items and consumables guide for more details).

As previously mentioned, Wraith’s abilities synergise beautifully with one another, because they all revolve around the same goal: repositioning and avoiding damage. Below we’ll explain each of her abilities, before going into depth about how and when to use each of them to great effect.

Passive ability: Voices from the Void

Name Description
Voices from
the Void
A voice warns you when danger approaches.
As far as you can tell, it’s on your side.

Wraith’s passive, Voices from the Void, is difficult to see the effects of if you don’t know what to look for. But once you do, it’s an extremely useful ability. Why? Because the majority of deaths in Apex Legends are caused by not noticing a threat until it is too late. Wraith’s Passive means a female voice will whisper a warning to you when it perceives a nearby threat. This could be an enemy aiming at you with a sniper, or a nearby Caustic Nox Gas trap.

Whatever the threat, the voice will tell you what it is, and a “Warn Teammates” prompt will appear near the middle-right of your screen, which you should absolutely take advantage of to let your teammates know about the threat – because they can’t hear that voice, only you.

Passive Ability Tips

  • Ping the Passive using the “Warn Teammates” prompt whenever it appears.
  • Wraith’s Passive makes her ideal for executing enemies, because the voice will sound even during the finisher animation so you’ll know when you’re in danger and when to back out if need be.
  • If you’re having trouble catching the Passive audio, turn on Subtitles in the Sound Settings menu.
  • Wraith’s Passive ability will let you know the type of danger as well as its presence, so be sure to pay attention to what the voice actually says each time.

Tactical ability: Into the Void

Name Duration Cooldown Description
Into the Void 3s 20s Reposition quickly through the safety
of void space, avoiding all damage.

Wraith’s Tactical ability is one of the most useful and practical abilities in Apex Legends. Commonly referred to as “Phasing”, this ability sends Wraith into a parallel dimension for 3 seconds, allowing her to move at slightly increased speed, and avoiding all damage. While active, you can run, slide, and climb, but you cannot shoot. You also cannot see other players while it is active; and from other players’ perspective, you will appear as a trail of blue lines, which means you are not invisible while you are phasing.

So you must use this Tactical ability with caution, because simply using it is not enough – you need to use it to reposition yourself effectively. Don’t expect to have immediately escaped danger, because it is not difficult to follow the blue lines you leave behind. But it’s an exceptionall useful tool for avoiding damage for a short time or getting the drop on an enemy team.

Tactical Ability Tips

  • There is a slight delay between activating the ability and actually phasing, so be sure to take this into account with every use.
  • Phasing will allow you avoid all damage for 3 seconds, even Ring damage (for more info about the Ring, check out our dedicated Apex Legends Ring guide).
  • You can phase while using a zipline.
  • You cannot enter a portal while phasing.
  • You can phase between placing your first and second portal during your Ultimate, allowing you to travel even faster.
  • If you are under the effects of a stun or slow (such as from Caustic’s gas or Bangalore’s Ultimate) then the slow effect will continue even while phasing. However, if you phase beforehand, you can walk through these effects without it affecting you.
  • There is an exploit which allows you to reset your ability cooldown. If you jump on a zipline at the right time during the ability, then your cooldown will be reset once your current phase ends.

Ultimate ability: Dimensional Rift

Name Portal Lifetime Charge Time Description
Dimensional Rift 60s 2m 30s Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.

Wraith’s Ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, is an extremely effective method both of initiating and escaping as a team. When you use your Ultimate, you will immediately place a rift (more commonly known as a “portal”) where you are standing; and then you can move to a different location within medium range to place your second portal. You can choose where to place your second portal, but as you move you will use up “Rift Energy” – and once this reaches 0% you will automatically place the portal at your current location.

These portals then persist for 60 seconds, and anyone (you, teammates, and enemies) can use them to quickly hop from one to the other. This is very useful not only for getting the drop on enemies but also escaping from a difficult situation as a team, and covering distances quickly. There is a tremendous amount of utility with this Ultimate ability, which is part of the reason why Wraith has such a high skill ceiling.

Ultimate Ability Tips

  • You move at greatly increased speed between placing the first and second portals.
  • Before placing the second portal, you can run, climb, and slide, but cannot shoot or interact.
  • You can ping a portal to let teammates know of its presence.
  • Downed players can use portals, making this very useful for transporting your downed teammates to relative safety.
  • You can phase beteween placing your first and second portal during your Ultimate, allowing you to travel even faster.
  • You can place a portal as bait for an enemy to go through, but make sure you and your teammates are in a position to out-DPS them when they emerge.
  • Keep in mind portal orientation. If you need to heal and are worried enemies will follow you through the portal, rotate around to the other side and hide behind the exit portal to give yourself more time. Your enemies won’t expect this.
  • If you find a large door such as the ones in Market, then you can block up the door using both your entrance and exit portal, making it so only you can pass through (while phasing).

How to play Wraith – top tips and strategies

Finally, let’s finish up with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Wraith.

  • You have more reason to play aggressively than other Legends. Wraith’s Passive gives her a forewarning of danger, and her Tactical allows her to get out of harm’s way, allowing her to adopt a much more ballsy playstyle than with other characters. Add to this the movement increases and her portals, and you’ve got an ability to close gaps very quickly, making her perfect for aggressive plays.
  • Communicate your ability usage with your teammates. Wraith’s Ultimate ability is very much a team ability, and you have to communicate your intentions with your squad if you want things to work out. In addition, let them know when your Passive voice speaks to you, because if you’re in the firing line your teammates probably are as well.
  • Don’t neglect your teammates. Wraith’s abilities make her an excellent choice for solo play and independence, but you are also the backbone of your squad, able to reposition everyone at short notice and keep your teammates out of trouble. Don’t be tempted to go all lone ranger and leave your teammates behind.
  • Chain together your abilities. Look at every one of your abilities as a chance to use another. If you’re placing a portal, use your Tactical to move quicker. If your Passive warns you that you’re being aimed at, immediately Phase to get out of danger. Synergise your abilities to make best use of them.

That’s pretty much everything we’ve got on Wraith for now, so hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about how best to utilise her skills. Now get out there and start practicing. King’s Canyon awaits.

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