Project Sakura Wars Gets First Gameplay For New Action Battle System


Sega has been talking about bringing Sakura Wars back in grand fashion for a while now, officially revealing the game earlier this year and an English localization at the same time. While there have been videos of the game’s cutscenes and character designs, done by Bleach creator Kubo Tite, Sega had not officially shown off any of the game’s battle system. That changed with a livestream last night.

(If the video does not start at the correct time, it is 39:37.)

While previous Sakura Wars games have been strategy RPGs with tile-based movement, the new game seems to be eschewing that for a more action system. It invokes more Kingdom Hearts with a mech than, say, a hybrid system like Valkyria Chronicles, but it’s hard to say just based on the short footage.

The new game still does not have an official title, being known as Shin Sakurai Taisen in Japan and Project Sakura Wars elsewhere, but it does have a platform and a release timeframe. The game is launching this December in Japan and is aiming for the second quarter of 2020 everywhere else exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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