Destroy a Computer Virus in the Level-Shifting 2.5D Platformer Exception Soon


Anti-virus software makes combating computer viruses seem efficient, yet ridiculously boring. What if it’s more exciting than we’ve long been led to believe, however? What if a tiny little armored hero is actually responsible for getting rid of digital malware and the like? If so, the process may look a lot like what’s on display in Exception, a level-shifting 2.5D platformer from Traxmaster Software. The indie title’s one-man developer, Will Traxler, announced plans to launch the title on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on August 13, 2019 for $14.99.

Fair warning, it appears that fighting computer viruses can get rather chaotic. See just how chaotic in Exception’s gameplay trailer featured in the video below:

The operation system in an old lady’s computer is being targeted by a “totalitarian virus” known as Titan. It’s up to players to take on the role of a miniature hero, who must defeat the Titan viurs before the woman’s computer crashes. Filled with “byte-sized levels,” Exception offers a twist on what we’ve come to know and love about the typical platformer. The 2.5D title brings in innovative mechanics involving level-shifting, which unlocks new passageways and collectibles, while simultaneously throwing gameplay expectations for a loop. Literally.

Exception will also feature online leaderboards, so players can track their standings against other players. This comes into play due to the game’s timed levels, filled to the brim with all manner of challenges and obstacles that must be overcome. After all, this Titan computer virus isn’t going to vanquish itself in a timely fashion.

Unsurprisingly, Exception will come packed with a synthwave soundtrack, featuring contributions from musicians all around the world. For a taste of what to expect from Exception’s soundtrack, be sure to check out the game’s official website. A number of tracks are linked via Soundcloud listings.

Looking for even more 2.5D adventures? The Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles and Shu may be worth looking into.

[Source: Traxmaster Software via Gamasutra]

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