Borderlands 3 Has Gone Gold Ahead of Its September Release


Borderlands 3 has gone gold and is ready for printing and certification. This means the base version of the game has completed development. The team at Gearbox can now entirely shift to post-launch support and implementing things like cross-play, which will likely be coming to the game at a later date. We also know the game will feature DLC, although Gearbox has noted that the extra content will be limited to campaign and cosmetic add-ons as opposed to extra Vault Hunters.

You can check out Gearbox’s tweet below:

From what we’ve seen, Borderlands 3 is shaping up to be a wild and over-the-top first-person shooter, with a ton of fun to be had. We got to try a demo for it at E3 2019, where we played as Moze, and also checked out the game back at the gameplay reveal.

Borderlands 3 has a variety of special editions to choose from, so if you’re looking to get extra content with the game, check out the list of options. Purchasing the special editions will grant you access to various weapons, devices, and skins.

Although many fans are excited about the release of Borderlands 3, some controversy arose earlier in 2019 due to the language used when describing the game’s  microtransactions. During a presentation, CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford stated that the game would not include microtransactions, but as it turns out, this was an error, one that some thought was misleading. The issue had to do with the semantics of what a microtransaction actually is, leading to Pitchford engaging harshly with many journalists on Twitter about what was said.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on, the hype surrounding Borderlands 3 is definitely real.

You won’t have to wait much longer for Borderlands 3, as it’s scheduled for a September 13, 2019 release date on PS4 and other platforms.

Are you excited for the release of Borderlands 3? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]

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