Random: Scared Of Spiders? Then Don’t Try This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trick


If you’ve been reading our guides for all the best Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips and tricks, you’re probably already something of an expert when it comes to earning Bells and reaping the best rewards, but here’s something we’d never have dreamt of trying – and probably still won’t.

Should you want to infest your game with hundreds of the most terrifying inhabitants available – tarantulas – this little trick will come in super handy. The downside is that you’ll be running around screaming for your life for the rest of the day, desperately trying to snag them in your net before they knock you unconscious with their hatred-filled venom, but the plus side is that you can cash them in for a lovely sum.

Twitter user Voxels provides the following list of steps to make this nightmare come true. Simply head to any island accessible through the game’s Nook Miles Tickets, and complete these tasks:

– chop all trees and remove stumps
– pick all flowers (pick, not uproot)
– remove all rocks
– night time only (past 7 worked for me)
– dump resources on beach
– clear island of all bugs

Doing so will cause the tarantulas to come out in full force, leaving you in a situation like this:

Another Twitter user, kuraine, explains how it all works:

kuraine goes on to say that the main exception to this rule right now are mole crickets, “because once they spawn you have to dig them up or else they’ll never go away”.

Well, thanks. Now we won’t be able to sleep tonight. Just to reiterate, this isn’t a trick for your own home island, but rather the other islands you can visit through the Nook Miles system. Don’t go destroying your lovely home paradise by mistake!

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