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When there are evil forces looking to wreak havoc upon the world, it’s left down to good old Johnny Rocket to save the day. The titular hero is ready for action, but will you be prepared to put your platforming and shooting skills test in Johnny Rocket on Xbox One?

In Johnny Rocket, that despicable Hitler and his henchmen are causing trouble, hence it’s time that a superhero decimates them once and for all. Our Johnny isn’t your everyday hero though, with most of his time often spent reading comics on the toilet. As such, you should find humour sprinkled over the cartoon cutscenes shown between levels. There’s a really unique aesthetic in place too, which sees the action-platforming taking place in a black and white universe that’s been drawn free-hand.

In terms of the gameplay, this 2D comic adventure generally consists of defeating an assortment of Nazi baddies, including the likes of deadly seals, huge robots and alien beings. You’ll have to run, double jump, shoot and use your head – literally, Johnny can headbutt enemies – to make it through the three levels on offer. Each level also features a boss fight at the end, which could prove tough to beat; if not, there’s always the Hardcore Mode for a real challenge. 

To find out even more details about Johnny Rocket, feel free to have a read of our full and in-depth review. Then, if that hasn’t put you off at all, go seek it out on the Xbox Store, where the price is a mere £4.19. Do you believe Johnny Rocket is cheap enough that it’s worth a punt? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Game Description:

“Johnny Rocket” is a 2D comic adventure. In this game, your main goal is to help Johnny Rocket fight “Evil Forces.” To do that, you can run, jump, double jump, shoot enemies. Don’t forget about Johnny’s secret movement – destroy obstacles or enemies with his head All levels are unique and have a big variety of enemies. Boss fights are tough, bet you break your controller trying to defeat any of them! After each boss fight you get rewarded with a comic cartoon movie telling you more about Johnny’s adventure. Game is hilarious and has a lot of toilet humour, don’t forget to collect the paper! Johnny Rocket gameplay is made of action platforming, stylised as a free-hand black and white cartoon. Cartoon world feels alive and you can destroy buildings. You get to see a funny cartoon cut scene in between levels!

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